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Maltgarden I’m Your Barista Coffee Imperial Stout Ethiopia

Maltgarden I’m Your Barista Coffee Imperial Stout Ethiopia


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I’m Your Barista (Ethiopia Chelchele Gedeb), 30 Plato, 11% ABV. Another barista with the addition of coffee prepared by Head Barista Coffeedesk Cafe – Kołobrzeg Paweł Świderski. This time, together with HAYB Speciality Coffee, we chose coffee from Ethiopia with a sensory profile: vanilla, caramel, blueberries

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml




Dark, Fruity, Imperial Stout

Original Gravity


EAN 5904050721029

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PRODUCENT -  Maltgarden

For Maltgarden, beer is primarily a wealth of aromas and flavors that tempt the senses. Looking for a metaphor for this state, they thought of a blooming garden. In its beer version, malt had to appear as the starting point of each recipe. This garden also has the intensity of hops, the taste of the barrel and the wildness of the yeast. The co-founder and main brewer is Andrzej Miler.