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Monsters I LIVE IN A CAR – Single Hop Nectaron Session IPA

Monsters I LIVE IN A CAR – Single Hop Nectaron Session IPA


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The brewers of the Monsters Brewery have planned brewing at the end of the year so that at the turn of the year, they will have a month break in bottling. In order for such a “free” month to happen, we brew beers that need a little more time than the standard 3-4 weeks of the production cycle. Pils, American Barley Wine and Willy Tonka enter the brewhouse. But before we hang up the bald, we’ll release the last two beers this week.

The first one is “I Live in a Car”, which takes its name from one of the better numbers of my favorite UK Subs. Concert – firecracker. Beer seems to be like that, too. In my sticky from wort paws fell hard-to-reach and long-awaited Nectaron hops, so I thought that at the beginning of the adventure with this hops, it is worth cooking Single Hop. As he thought, he did.

Before you Session Ipa Single Hop Nectaron with 14blg extract and 5% alcohol, which is a standard approach to Monster Ipek. What is non-standard (apart from hops) for wholesalers is yeast. Thanks to the courtesy of the dog from Moon Lark (greetings), the wort was fermented by the Hydra strain – a strongly fruity strain, leaving quite a lot of sweetness. Together with hoppy tropical aromas with a characteristic for New Zealand danish, we received a gushing mix of tropics, citrus, white, yellow and green fruits, or as usual – what you sniff out is yours. Seriously, it’s a lot of mango, candied peach, tangerine and a drip of kerosene. Good!

Container Vol.

Can 500ml



Original Gravity

14 BLG


Session IPA



EAN 5905476980045

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PRODUCENT -  Monsters

Monsters Brewery is a contract project of well-known home brewers - Janek Gadomski and Olek Hurko. Their first two beers were created as collaborations. Probably no one remembers where, with whom and what style it was, but everyone remembers a common accessory - rose petals! But now that's over. Finally, the guys will present their original beer - Mojito Hazy IPA brewed in Browar Ziemia Obiecana.