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HOPPINESS PROMISED LAND 2024 Motueka Fresh Harvest 2024

HOPPINESS PROMISED LAND 2024 Motueka Fresh Harvest 2024


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PROMISED LAND HOPPINESS 2024 Motueka Fresh Harvest is a unique craft beer, brewed by the Promised Land Brewery, using freshly harvested Motueka hops. It is characterized by a golden, slightly cloudy color and lush foam. The aroma is dominated by fresh, citrus notes of lime and lemon, supported by delicate herbal and floral accents, characteristic of the Motueka variety. The taste of the beer is crisp and full of fruity tones, with a distinct but well-balanced bitterness. This beer is ideal for lovers of fresh, intensely hoppy experiences, offering the authentic taste and aroma of freshly harvested hops.





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Can 500ml

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The Promised Land Brewery is a project of home brewer Łukasz Kierski and his fiancée Justyna. Originally, it was to be located in their hometown of Łódź, but due to the rental costs, they finally decided on nearby Pabianice. As I have childhood memories associated with this city, as soon as I found out about the location of the brewery, I decided to visit the Promised Land. Łukasz and Justyna are passionate and committed people who have invested all their savings in the brewery. Łukasz wants to stand out on the market primarily because he uses liquid yeast. As he said, the original plans were even more ambitious, because he wanted to use rarely used strains.