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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

“Birbant Heka Cold IPA” is a modern interpretation of the Cold IPA style, characterized by distinct hop aromas and low alcohol content. The beer is full of fresh citrus notes and tropical fruits, which are accentuated by a light and clear texture. It is an excellent choice for lovers of beers with an intense hoppy character, looking for a light and refreshing experience at the same time.


Cold IPA, Ipa



Original Gravity

14 BLG

Container Vol.

Can 500ml

Country of Origin


EAN 5906466810069

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PRODUCENT -  Birbant

We were united by the desire to expand theoretical knowledge and practical transfer of home recipes on a larger scale. We have more and more experience, but we are constantly trying to develop and surprise you with new ideas. Aroma and bitterness! The variety of aromas that hops can bring to beer gives the brewer great creative freedom, and designing the right intensity and maintaining the aromas durability is a big challenge. We try to meet these challenges every day, and we do not forget about the properly balanced, but intense bitterness. We look for inspiration both in the crazy world of home brewing and in the dynamically developing craft brewing around the world. When composing the recipe, however, we focus on individualism and try to provide you with new taste sensations.