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Uiltje Question of Etiquette – Eisbocked Barley Wine – Netherlands

Uiltje Question of Etiquette – Eisbocked Barley Wine – Netherlands


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This Eisbocked Barley Wine has an ABV percentage of 16.1%! This is of course quite high and we recommend a slow approach to the question of the label to enjoy the intense flavors and aromas that Barley Wine releases when opened. Normally we would say to drink our beer cold, but with this big boy you may want to make him breathe for a while so that it warms up to about 15 to 16 degrees. Slightly colder than room temperature. If you drink this Barley Wine straight from the fridge, the coolness of the beer can hide some flavors you’ll taste when it’s a little less cold. The label question is now available!

Container Vol.

Bottle 330ml


Rauch Bock, Barley wine, Barrel Aged





Kraj Pochodzenia Piwa


EAN 8719189124941

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