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Beer Underground Juicy Trap #8 Double NE IPA – Citra Sabro Vic Secret

Beer Underground Juicy Trap #8 Double NE IPA – Citra Sabro Vic Secret


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Warning!!! This beer is so tasty that it can draw you inside (as the character from the label illustrates).

Citra, Sabro and Vic Secret are the hops that dominate the eighth beer of the Beer Underground in the Juicy Trap series. Juice Trap No. 8 is Double New England IPA, which is dominated by a powerful dose of tropical fruits, citrus, coconut, pineapple and a hint of pine. Juicy, warming and truly fragrant position!

Juicy Trap #1 (Citra – Galaxy) starts a series of beers in which we will explore our favorite hop combinations. In the first drink in the series, the famous Citra-Galaxy hop pair is responsible for the taste and aroma. They create an ideal citrus-tropical aromatic-flavor mixture. The next Juicy Trap from this series will definitely be trapped in a can, which will make the character from the label a little more comfortable 🙂

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml



Original Gravity

18 BLG


New England IPA


Vic Secret, Citra, Sabro


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Dariusz Piecuch is a home brewer with many years of experience, whose sophisticated recipes have found widespread recognition on the craft scene. He took his first steps in brewing on a commercial scale at the source of the Beer Revolution - in the USA. With the acquired knowledge, skills and unusual concepts, he has been enriching the Polish reality for years. We have been operating as the Beer Underground since December 2014 and almost immediately became one of the most appreciated craft breweries in the country, conquering the hearts of people also abroad. We value quality and unique taste above all, which is why we brew our beers using traditional methods, using high-quality malts and new-wave American hops. Our hallmarks are bold experiments and original additions, such as tropical fruits, coffee, vanilla or cocoa beans.