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Birell NEALKO FREE Polotmavý

Birell NEALKO FREE Polotmavý


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

Birell semi-dark combines the hoppy bitterness of light beers with the subtle sweetness of black beers. You will feel the caramel tones of roasted malt, but it is darker and has an amber color. Like the classic light variant, the brewery in Nošovice produces a unique technology using special yeast that produces a minimum amount of alcohol. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml


< 0.5%


Bright lager

Original Gravity

10 BLG

EAN 8594404007106

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Birell is the best-selling non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic. It appeared on the market in 1992. It is made with a unique yeast that produces a minimal amount of alcohol and allows Birell beer to go through the same fermentation and secondary fermentation process as classic Czech alcoholic beers. You can enjoy Birell as a classic light or semi-dark beer, or try flavored versions, with ginger, pomelo and grapefruit, lime and raspberry, and Birell semi-dark lemon.