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BOJAN Strawberry Margarita Fruity

BOJAN Strawberry Margarita Fruity


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Margarita is a drink originating from Mexico, its classic ingredients are lime, orange and tequila juice. We replaced tequila with beer and introduced a variety in the form of strawberry juice, thanks to which a summer, refreshing sweet and sour mix was created.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml


Bright lager, Fruity



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PRODUCENT -  Bojanowo

The first mention of brewing in Bojanów dates back to 1685. In the same year, the Mielcarzy Statute was signed, approved by the sons of Stefan Bojanowski. In the statute, 27 rights and obligations of millers are listed on 11 pages. Brewers were then called Mielcarzami, from the German Malz - malt, Malzer. The document is written in German and begins with the words: "On behalf of the noble Hedwig (name illegible) I express a clear and determined will to contribute to the glorious future of the Mielecarzs from Nowy Bojanów in the year Lord 1685".