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Brokreacja POTION #22 – TRIPLE BOCK WITH LEMON Bourbon Barrel Aged

Brokreacja POTION #22 – TRIPLE BOCK WITH LEMON Bourbon Barrel Aged


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Dodaj do ulubionych

It’s time for the next installment of the series you love. Potion number #22 successfully debuted during the Craft Beer Fiesta, and now it hits the bottles and smiles warmly at you. Here is Five-Flavor-Fruit Dreifachbock Bourbon BA.

What does this mean in practice? Dreifachbock is simply a triple kid. The base of the beer is reinforced Doppelbock, so in order not to call this beer Imperial Doppelbock or Triple Bock, because it is not God’s way, we opted for the German form of “triple”.

Five-Flavor-Fruit is the English name for Chinese lemon, which very accurately describes its properties. This fruit is sweet, and sour, and bitter, and salty, and spicy. Of course, its influence is not dominant, because we wanted the base to be clearly felt, but it’s a really interesting gagate.

The whole was aged in Wlid Turkey whisky casks.

Container Vol.

Bottle 330ml



Original Gravity

25 BLG


Triple Bock, Dark, Fruity


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