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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

Novopacké 12 Kumburak beer is a Czech lager characterized by a rich taste and velvety foam. It is distinctly malty, which gives it fullness and a slight sweetness. At the same time, the beer has a distinct hoppy underpinning, which adds a bit of herbal-fruity or slightly citrus notes to it. This combination of sweetness and hoppiness creates a balanced flavor profile. One of the characteristic elements of this beer is also a perceptible, pleasant bitterness. This bitterness is not very intense, but it adds some depth and length to the beer. The name “Kumburak” comes from the Kumburk Castle built at the beginning of the 14th century, which may be a reference to the local history and heritage of the region where this beer is produced. To sum up, Novopacke 12 Kumburak is a lager beer with a full flavor, distinct maltiness, hoppy character and pleasant bitterness, which can be an excellent choice for lovers of Czech beers and those who appreciate flavored beers with a distinct profile.


Bright lager



Original Gravity

12 BLG

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml

Country of Origin

Czech Republic

EAN 8594012822511

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