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BZ RACIBORSKIE – Summer Ale Cannabis editition

BZ RACIBORSKIE – Summer Ale Cannabis editition


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BZ Raciborskie Summer Ale Cannabis Edition” is a unique beer that brings to mind the summer atmosphere. The alcohol content of 4.8% makes it a light and refreshing beer, ideal for warm days.

This beer is distinguished by an unusual addition – dried from noble varieties of Cannabis Sativa hemp. Thanks to this unique ingredient, the beer has been enriched with natural phytonutrients that introduce a certain mystery to the taste and aromatic sensations.





Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml

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EAN 5905249834063

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PRODUCENT -  Raciborskie

In 1318, all houses of the Racibórz burghers had the right to brew beer. The privilege of brewing was the most important source of income. At that time, beer was not brewed all year round, only from autumn to spring. In the summer season, the malt produced a sour wort, besides, it was difficult to store the beer at high temperatures. The best malt was made in spring and autumn, and the best beers were produced in March. The heyday of the brewery was interrupted by the outbreak of World War I, better times came for the brewery only in the 1930s. During World War II, the brewery was spared major damage. In 1997, the city of Racibórz was visited by the so-called the "flood of the millennium", leading to huge material losses. The cellars where the beer was aged were completely flooded. The plant could not cope with such large losses and in the years 1999–2004 its operations were suspended. In 2005, the brewery was restarted. It underwent a major modernization, a new brewhouse and a bottling plant were launched. Currently, Browar Zamkowy celebrates its 450th anniversary. Despite its turbulent history, it has managed not only to preserve this unique facility, but also the tradition of producing the golden beverage.