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Cieszyn Lager Non-alcoholic 0%

Cieszyn Lager Non-alcoholic 0%


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Triple hopped & full & refreshing
tasted, with pleasant hop bitterness
– perfectly quenches thirst. Gold medalist
Craft Beer Competition 2019.

More sun, longer days, warmer temperatures are reasons for our greater activity. We wake up from winter sleep. It is also a reason for more frequent meetings with friends: by the water, in the park, on a bike or at a party. Whatever your situation and plans for later, you can now enjoy the taste of our Cieszyn beer specialties: no alcohol, no compromises!

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml



Original Gravity







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PRODUCENT -  Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn

In a sense, a brewery is like a musical instrument, and beer is like music coming out of it. Just as styles and their popularity in music change, so does the popularity of particular styles of beer. The amazing thing is that there are new music and beer styles emerging all the time. These changes are sometimes the result of developing new techniques, sometimes they are born of sentiment for what has passed, and sometimes they are the result of searching for new sensations. In Cieszyn, we play classic songs classically, and new sounds modern. But we also experiment and surprise: sometimes we will play a classic piece on the electronic piano, bringing out hidden sounds from it, and sometimes we will play a modern piece on a classical piano, exposing its pure melodic line, and sometimes we will improvise something.