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CZANTORIA – Beskid Beer – Homemade Polish Ale

CZANTORIA – Beskid Beer – Homemade Polish Ale


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Top fermented light beer. Thanks to the blend of the latest Polish hops, the beer is surprisingly aromatic and tastes delicious. It is an alternative to bright lager beers.

Container Vol.

Can 500ml




Bright lager

Original Gravity

12 BLG

EAN 8595033509078

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The Plant Brewery is located in Poniatowa (approx. 40 km from Lublin). It was built in a building that previously belonged to the Predom – EDA plant complex, producing, among others, household appliances. The plants operated from 1937 to 1998. For the last few years, there was a printing house inside. Then the building was empty. Time has left its mark on him. The brewery creates new wave beers, also referred to as craft or craft beers. In many cases, these are liquors with the use of American hops, which give a characteristic aroma and taste. Since the beginning of its activity, the brewery has released over 100 beers in various styles. Descriptions of all of them can be found in the "Our beers" tab.