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Deer Bear Crazy Doctor Fruit Sour 6% 0.5L

Deer Bear Crazy Doctor Fruit Sour 6% 0.5L


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Sour beer with the addition of raspberry, currant and kiwi juice. A refreshing, light beer that is perfect for a warm summer evening. Doktorek plays on the nose and tongue, intertwining aromas and flavors of fruit in an original and surprising way. First of all, extremely drunk and refreshing.

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Can 500ml




Fruit Sour, Fruity


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Deer Bear Brewery opened in 2015. In a short period of time, we managed to brew over a dozen types of beer. When brewing beer, we select raw materials from reliable suppliers from every corner of the world. We use hops from the United States, Poland, New Zealand, malts from native as well as specialized English and German maltries. Yeast comes to us from France as well as from Poland. When brewing beer, tradition is often intertwined with modernity, our home market with partners from the farthest corners of the globe. The world of beer is diverse and very rich - we do everything to show you as much of it as possible.