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Nepomucen JEAN-MICHEL 2 Brasil Campo Das Vertentes

Nepomucen JEAN-MICHEL 2 Brasil Campo Das Vertentes


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The second edition of Jean-Michel Foreign Extra Stout with the addition of specialized coffee, coconut and vanilla.

Uncle Jean-Michel’s second trip to Brazil was also not without coffee gifts. This time the uncle brought Brazilian coffee from the Campo Das Vertentes region, whose mainly sweet flavors are concentrated around nougat, dried fig, chocolate and light fruit flavors. The combination of sweet varieties of coffee and stout roasted grain will awaken your tired minds after work with the aroma itself. An ideal stimulating alternative to morning coffee.

Container Vol.

Can 500ml



Original Gravity

19 BLG


Barrel Aged, Dark, Stout

Barrel Aged in



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Nepomucen Brewery is a small craft brewery in Szkaradów. It is located on the border of Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia, near the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. It was founded by home brewers Piotr and Mariusz Musielak, who decided to share their passion and passion for the brewing craft. To this end, they rebuilt a century-old bakery and designed the brewing equipment themselves.