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Hajer Carton + POKAL Set (2 beers please buy separately)

Hajer Carton + POKAL Set (2 beers please buy separately)


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

Cardboard box with glass from HAJER brewery. The price does not include beers. Please buy 2 selected beers from the Hajer Brewery separately

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml

EAN 5905669315173

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We are from Silesia! This is a place where persistent and well-done work counts. This is the place where, for several years, new brews of our beers have been made in the cellars. We come to the surface to create for you in an amount that will satisfy at least some of your thirsty throats. Working people, when they finish it, deserve good beer and we consider it our duty to provide you with such beer, which we make and will be happy to make.