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Hasen Biere AUSBURGER ORIGINAL – Germany

Hasen Biere AUSBURGER ORIGINAL – Germany


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

Our “Augsburger Original” is a naturally cloudy cellar beer, brewed in the traditional way and bottled unfiltered. Slightly yeast and rich in taste, exceptionally tasty – beer delight in a flawless way!

Beer known all over the world
Tucher beer is a brand of beer known all over the world. Exported for over three hundred years, to many countries on several continents, it has been appreciated even by the most experienced beer drinkers. It is a beer belonging to the strict group of premium beers. He has won a number of awards and distinctions granted by international organizations.

Top quality beer
Tucher beer consists of specially selected natural ingredients from the cleanest regions of Bavaria. It is brewed from five to eight weeks depending on the species, according to Reinheitsgebot or the principles of cleanliness. It requires the use of only selected ingredients such as yeast, barley malt, wheat malt, spring water and hops for the production of beer. Thanks to this, Tucher beer is the highest quality beer, which can be consumed in a “clean” and safe way, with full awareness of the ingredients contained in it.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml


Weizen (disambiguation), Light, Wheat



Original Gravity


Kraj Pochodzenia Piwa


EAN 4017900511600

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Tucher is a brewery and beer brand based in Fürth and Nuremberg, Germany. It was founded in Nuremberg in 1672. The name comes from Freiherrlich von Tucher'sche Brauerei, which was the royal brewery of the Tucher von Simmelsdorf family. Tucher Bräu produces lagers, several wheat beers, seasonal beers such as Christmas beer, and specialty beers. Tucher Bräu has received 11 gold medals from the German Agricultural Society.