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Holba Polotmavá 11

Holba Polotmavá 11


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Pomegranate beer with a very thick foam, balanced, full of flavor and high aftertaste. It has a unique recipe, based on a combination of ingredients typical for the production of light and dark beers. The harmony of five malts with bitter tones – this is Polotmava 11.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml



Original Gravity

11 BLG


Bright lager

EAN 8593875911615

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The HOLBA brewery took its name from the village of HOLBA, which later became part of Hanušovice. Previously, beer was usually poured into the holster of a 0.707 liter container. The name of the popular crucible comes from the German "krüge" - pitcher. HOLBA is a typical representative of Czech beer, which is fermented in open cellars and matures for more than a month. Every year in May, the HOLBA brewery organizes a traditional march - Beer Thursday. The HOLBA Beer Days, which always take place in September, will be gathered over 5,000 people from all over the country!