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The beer had a predominant aroma of yeast and delicately smelling hops. The beer is very cloudy, until quite dull apricot color, the foam is thick, gradually subsided to about 0.5 cm and persisted in this way.

The taste is an elegant malt-bread beginning, similar to Hubertus’ eleven or twelve, supported by a delicate and pleasant touch of yeast. Elegantly joins a more pronounced hop bitterness – beautiful and slightly bitter, which persists even after the malt has sounded.

The flavors are perfectly harmonized towards excellent drinkability, to which moderate or rather weaker saturation also contributes.


Barrel Aged, Light



Country of Origin

Czech Republic

Pojemność A

Bottle 1L

Original Gravity

11 BLG

EAN 8594167510370

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PRODUCENT -  Hubertus

At the Kácov Brewery, you can admire the classic all-copper two-vessel brewing set, which consists of a ladle and a mash bowl. The containers were manufactured in 1957 by the Ziemann company, which is one of the most prestigious producers of brewing technology. Cooking utensils in this form have been in Kácov since 2007, when they were reconstructed and adapted for manual operation. In purely manual form, they worked until then in Switzerland, from where they were purchased. Their volume is designed in such a way that the operator can pump out up to one hundred hectoliters of hot wort during the ten-hour brewing process.