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Konrad Vratislavicky Ležák 11

Konrad Vratislavicky Ležák 11


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Traditional Czech lager prepared in classic technology from its own malt, žatecký hops and spring water. Longer maturation time gives Konrad 11° beer a velvety soft and deliciously bitter taste.

Golden Beer Seal 2001, Product of the Liberec Region of the Year 2005 – 1st place in beer tasting, Beer of the Czech Republic 2008 – 3rd place, Beer of the Year of the Czech Republic 2009 – 3rd place.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml




Lager, Light

Original Gravity

11 BLG

EAN 8594044190015

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Hols a.s. enters Vratislavice 1998. The fully Czech company Hols gradually purchased properties and technology from Staropramen in 1998-99. After considering the situation, she decided to start brewing beer in a Wrocław brewery. The decision brought with it a number of expected and unexpected problems: the technology was not complete, there was no packaging, there was no need to buy raw materials, people had to be accepted. There was also a problem with the name of the beer. The rights to the original name Wrocław remained with Browary Praskie, so a new name had to be found. History textbooks state that the king of Wrocław was succeeded by his brother Konrad in the Czech lands. They were both Czechs, Přemyslids. In addition, the name Konrad is readable in almost all languages. It was decided. The new beer will be called Konrad.