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Kraftwerk 12 O’Clock

Kraftwerk 12 O’Clock


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Sometimes things go your way. By noon you had dealt with all your duties. You feel like relaxing. It’s already after twelve, so like a gentleman, you can open this bottle. Crisp, light and uncombined, the content will only make this day better.




Original Gravity

12 BLG

Temp. serwowania

4 – 7 degrees


Saaz, Marynka

EAN 5905279965454

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PRODUCENT -  Kraftwerk

We are the first contract brewery in Upper Silesia. We want to show that the region we come from is not only closed mines and flooded shafts. These are people with passion who can offer something. We also want to show that in Upper Silesia, even though things are not going well, you can do something with your life. No need to go to England or Ireland. You can stay here, you just need to have passion and willingness.