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Kutnohorská Stříbrná 11

Kutnohorská Stříbrná 11


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Silver is more than gold for Kutná Hora. Stříbrná 11 ° received high-quality Czech ingredients and traditional artisanal weighing method. The role of godfather was taken by Růžena Jiránková, a retired brewer from the Kutná Hora brewery. But this beer is not a girl, it is an honest lager with an average fullness, which took on flavor in the rock cellars of our brewery.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml




Bright lager

Original Gravity

11 BLG


Sládek, Žatecký poloraný červeňák

EAN 8594187611019

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PRODUCENT -  Kutnahora

Our slogan SINGLE ORIGINAL is associated not only with the local name of the brewery's headquarters. It refers to the entire long history of beer production in Kutná Hora. History began to be written in the old days of silver mining, when a Gothic fortress grew up next to the mining settlement of Lorec, and the history of the city has been going on for five centuries. That is why the true inhabitants of Kutná Hora are proud of their brewery in their genes and pass it on to other generations. The intention of the competition, which decided to stop the production of Kutná Hora beer, did not bring them to their knees. The brewery complex was left without equipment only by an empty shell. However, genius loci cannot be dismantled or removed. The bourgeois brewery in Kutná Hora was gradually renovated over several years.