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Liqueur Becherovka 38% 0.7L

Liqueur Becherovka 38% 0.7L


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

The famous Czech herbal alcohol with a unique taste, originated in the early nineteenth century in Karlovy Vary. Its originator was a doctor Jan Becher – in 1807 the first liqueurs signed with his name appeared on the market, and after 1840 his son Johann began mass production of Becherovka.

This 38% liquor is produced according to a strictly guarded recipe, specifying the exact composition of the mixture of herbs and raw. To this day, only two people know the full composition of the bouquet, from which the characteristic smell of Becherovka is created. The unique taste and golden color of the liqueur is the result of several months of aging in oak barrels.

Becherovka tastes best clean, chilled to 6°C. For refreshment, it can be combined with tonic, lemon and ice.





Country of Origin

Czech Republic

Pojemność A

Butelka 700ml

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