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“Maryensztadt Czecha Desitka” is a Polish beer with a characteristic bright color, inspired by the traditional Pils style. It was created using three types of hops: Lunga, Marynka and Lubelski, which gives it a unique taste and aroma. It is a light beer with an alcohol content of 4.1%, which makes it a perfect companion for almost any meal.

The aroma of the beer is delicate and pleasant, carrying notes of hops and malt. The taste is dominated by clear features of the Pils style – light bitterness, well-balanced maltiness and refreshing purity. The hop varieties used contribute to herbal, slightly floral and pleasantly herbal-citrus notes, which add character to the beer


Pils, Pilsner



Original Gravity


Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml

Country of Origin



Lunga, Lubelski, Marynka

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PRODUCENT -  Maryensztadt

Thanks to the support of the Norwegian Funds, we will soon build a 100% ecological brewery that is environmentally friendly. We will launch ecological production in Sycyna (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), located a few kilometers from Zwoleń - the current production site of our beers. The property in Sycyna consists of 4 outbuildings that will be revitalized and adapted to ecological production. The investment in Sycyna will be an additional location for the brewery, present at Sportowa 3 in Zwoleń, it will continue to be a production plant for Maryensztadt beers. As part of the EkoBrowar project, implemented with the support of the Norwegian Funds, a number of process innovations will be implemented that will enable environmentally friendly production, minimizing its negative impact on the climate.