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“MONSTERS FRUIT MACHINE” is a thick and expressive Pastry Sour beer, which is intensely fruity. It has been enriched with pulps from forest berry, haskap berry and raspberries, creating a rich blend of fruit flavors and aromas. In addition, the beer has been supplemented with vanilla from Uganda, which adds an additional flavor dimension to it.

This beer offers a full range of fruity sensations, which include forest berries, haskap berries and raspberries. The addition of vanilla gives it a delicate sweetness and exotic notes that contrast with the acidity of the fruit. The density of this beer emphasizes its intensity and richness of flavors, which makes it attractive for lovers of beers with intense flavor profiles.

“MONSTERS FRUIT MACHINE” is a proposal for people looking for a beer that explores the fruity aspects of taste and aroma, while introducing elements of sweetness and richness with the addition of vanilla. This beer can be an interesting option for lovers of beers of varied and creative flavors.


Pastry Sour



Original Gravity


Country of Origin


Container Vol.

Can 500ml

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PRODUCENT -  Monsters

Monsters Brewery is a contract project of well-known home brewers - Janek Gadomski and Olek Hurko. Their first two beers were created as collaborations. Probably no one remembers where, with whom and what style it was, but everyone remembers a common accessory - rose petals! But now that's over. Finally, the guys will present their original beer - Mojito Hazy IPA brewed in Browar Ziemia Obiecana.