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ROHOZEC SET x4 – Rohožecká Ctyrka

ROHOZEC SET x4 – Rohožecká Ctyrka


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SET CONTAINS 4 UNIQUE beers from the ROHOZEC brewery.

This beer combines the advantages of traditional light lager and typical dark beer. It is prepared under the supervision of the brewer directly in the brewery and in optimal proportions so as to ensure perfect harmony of taste. All connoisseurs, including women, can enjoy the right draft beer.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml




Bright lager

Original Gravity

11 BLG

EAN 8594011530059

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PRODUCENT -  Rohozec

The brewery is located in Malý Rohozec, near Turnov, less than a hundred kilometers northeast of Prague. The local romantic region, located in the middle course of the Jizera River, has been called the Bohemian Paradise since the 19th century. It is a land of natural beauty, castles, palaces, museums and traditional crafts. And also good people, and these people produce good beer for you in the traditional way: BEER FROM PARADISE Not only locals, but also visitors to Bohemian Paradise, tourists, climbers and other nature lovers, SKALÁK beer and sandstone rock town in the Hruboskalsko region is connected . The beautiful, picturesque nature and the pleasant, fresh taste of SKALÁK and PODSKALÁK simply belong together.