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Staropramen Smíchov

Staropramen Smíchov


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Sparkling beer, golden, attracts with its delicate malt and hop aroma. The refreshing taste of pure beer with a pleasant taste will quench your thirst.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml




Bright lager

Temp. serwowania

8 – 10 degrees

EAN 8593868110414

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PRODUCENT -  Staropramen

Our ancestors founded the Smíchov brewery in 1869. But the long history of beer began long before that date. And this is the story of people from the periphery who wanted and really did something good for themselves and their neighborhood. Imagine that a good fifty years before the establishment of an independent republic, Czechs will start planning that they want to have their own Czech brewery. It wasn't just about that. In Prague at that time, business revolved mainly around the German capital.