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Amber Czarny Bez is a beer that proudly presents itself as a seasonal proposition, available to beer lovers during sunny days. On this occasion, for the eighth time, it has been brewed to offer extraordinary taste sensations and aromatic moments during summer days. It is a beer inspired by the seasonal character of elderberry, which is one of the main characteristics of this drink.

In the process of creating this beer, the key ingredient is elderberry syrup. This syrup, used as an accompaniment to beer, is prepared from a unique recipe, based on hand-picked elderberry flowers. It is this unique syrup that gives beer its characteristic fruity-floral aroma, which distinguishes Amber Black Elderberry from other beers.

Among the advantages of this beer, it is worth noting that elderberry is famous for its health-promoting properties, which further emphasizes the benefits of using this ingredient. Not only the taste, but also the health aspects are behind the decision to include elderberry syrup in the production process.

Amber Czarny Bez beer is becoming more and more popular among people who appreciate its unique taste and aroma. Awaited impatiently by many lovers, it is the perfect choice for summer days when we want to enjoy a refreshing drink that evokes thoughts of holiday relaxation and pleasure.


Bright lager, Lager



Original Gravity


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Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml

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The history of the Amber Brewery dates back to 1993. It was then that we started building a brewery in Bielkówko. From the very beginning, our goal was to create a place that would be strongly associated with the region. It worked! On November 24, 1994, we brewed our first beer - Amber Green lager. And then another and another… It's not over yet! We are constantly developing, looking for new flavors, and at the same time we nurture the brewing traditions of Pomerania.