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Cieszyn SET x2 Porter and Sour Barley Wine BA + POKAL – PREMIERE

Cieszyn SET x2 Porter and Sour Barley Wine BA + POKAL – PREMIERE


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The set includes POKAL and 2 premiere BEERS from the Cieszyn Castle Brewery:

Cieszyn Porter Bałtycki Barrel Aged
Cieszyn Sour Barley Wine Barrel Aged


This has been our dream for a long time, and now we are materializing it! You will be able to check the effect yourself in the best specialist stores! We present two beers as part of the Cieszyn Barrel Aged project – aged for several months in oak bourbon barrels. This is Baltic Porter and Sour Barley Wine.
Both beers are unique, which is why we focused on the unique appearance of our bottles – we used paper labels and a special lacquer blend that not only looks beautiful, but also does not crumble when pulled off! We sealed ourselves, by hand, 100% craftsmanship!
Container Vol.

Bottle 330ml


Baltic Porter, Barrel Aged, Dark



Original Gravity


Barrel Aged in

Oak barrel

EAN 5905279156586

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The reinforced version of Porter Cieszyński was intended for aging in oak barrels after Bourbon Whiskey. This maturation process gives the beer a completely new character. The combination of porter flavors and aromas of chocolate-caramel, dried fruit with notes of aging in wooden barrels creates an exceptionally rich bouquet. We will find in it notes of prune, honey, vanilla, butter cookies and oak.
Here is the third edition of our Cieszyn Barley Wine. After the first classic, the second with cherries, the time has come for the acidified version, which matured for several months in oak barrels after Bourbon Whiskey, taking on its character. Thanks to this, the beer bouquet has become richer with new sour-fruity and caramel-vanilla qualities. The extensive malt has gained additional wine flavors and roasted oak.

PRODUCENT -  Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn

In a sense, a brewery is like a musical instrument, and beer is like music coming out of it. Just as styles and their popularity in music change, so does the popularity of particular styles of beer. The amazing thing is that there are new music and beer styles emerging all the time. These changes are sometimes the result of developing new techniques, sometimes they are born of sentiment for what has passed, and sometimes they are the result of searching for new sensations. In Cieszyn, we play classic songs classically, and new sounds modern. But we also experiment and surprise: sometimes we will play a classic piece on the electronic piano, bringing out hidden sounds from it, and sometimes we will play a modern piece on a classical piano, exposing its pure melodic line, and sometimes we will improvise something.