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The Baczewski factory was established in 1782 in the village of Zniesienie in the then suburbs of Lviv. Already in 1810, the company was honored with the extremely prestigious title of “Imperial-Royal Supplier of the Court”, signed with the imperial eagle, which the Baczewskis mention on their labels to this day. In 1833, Leopold Maksymilian Baczewski brought to Lviv a double rectification column for continuous distillation (the idea of Aeneas Coffey), it was only two years after its invention. Thanks to this, Baczewski’s vodkas and liqueurs were characterized by unprecedented smoothness and purity. They were the first to start pouring their products into distinctive, non-standard bottles and decanters.

In 1876, the family business received the honorable title of Imperial – Royal Supplier of the Court. Nine years later, Józef Adam Baczewski became the head of the company – it is his initials that still appear in the company’s logotype today.

In 1925, at the International Exhibition of Clever Liquors in London, the company’s products won all possible awards and distinctions. To this day, the products from the distillery delight connoisseurs around the world with their unique quality, delicacy and taste.
The original, pre-war recipe of J.A. Baczewski Whisky was written on paper and coded to conceal the proportions. The company operated continuously until 1939.
In 2011, it was decided to recreate the brand. First, Baczewski vodka – winning from the beginning to this day all possible awards and distinctions, then its various flavors, then gin, egg liqueur, and then it was time for whisky.

In the first attempt, only 6,000 bottles were spilled, which disappeared instantly. Baczewski whisky is a mixture of mainly barley (90%) and other cereals, each component of which was aged in small new American oak barrels for a minimum of three years.

Odour: First of all, caramel and vanilla. Sometimes creamy, strongly felt young grain whisky.
Green fragrance notes: herbs, grass, juniper. Light aroma of honey and propolis. For this cereals and black tea.
Taste: Slightly dry, peppery with at the same time slightly sweet and sour (pickled ginger) – tea.
Finish: Warming, sharp, stays on the palate.





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