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Old-Polish Kozlak Bock

Old-Polish Kozlak Bock


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Staropolskie Koźlak is an unusual beer that combines exquisite sweetness with hop bitterness. The characteristic color and delicate aroma results from the use of as many as 5 types of malts and the best hop varieties.

Ingredients: water; malts: Munich, Pilsen, aromatic, melanoidin, colouring; hops: Magnum, Sibyl, Hallertauer Tradition; bottom-fermented yeast.
Dark beer, filtered, pasteurized.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml



Original Gravity



Bock, Doppelbock, Dark


Hallertauer Tradition, Sibyl, Magnum

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PRODUCENT -  Staropolski

The brewery from Zduńska Wola can boast not only beers based on Old Polish recipes with a rich taste, but also a rich history. Founded in 1892 by a member of one of the most famous and respected families of brewers of that period, Zenon Anstadt, from the beginning it was valued for products with a depth of their taste. As one of the last breweries, we brew beer using the open fermentation method, thanks to which the yeast works calmly, and our beers are milder and have a natural, full flavor.