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PINTA HOP SELECTION Mosaic Double IPA 8.3% 0.5L

PINTA HOP SELECTION Mosaic Double IPA 8.3% 0.5L


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This beer is special to us – brewed from hops selected by us during the YCH Hop selection. We were invited as the only Polish brewery. To celebrate the successful contracting of hops from Yakima Chief Chops farms, we have prepared for you a double IPA strain with the Mosaic® variety. It must have been one hop beer!

Container Vol.

Can 500ml



Original Gravity

20 BLG


Double IPA




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In the unanimous opinion, the beer revolution in Poland began on March 28, 2011 - on that day we brewed the first portion of Atak Chmielu. Over the years, as the PINTA Brewery, we have brewed over 200 completely different beers - in friendly breweries in Poland, Europe, South America, Japan and New Zealand. Since mid-2019, we have been brewing in our own brewery, which we built from scratch in Wieprz, in the Beskid Żywiecki. We have a great crew on site and the best craft beer brewing equipment. Every year we use more than a hundred different varieties of malts, hops, yeasts and bacteria - to make every new PINTA beer unique. There is no boredom! Grzesiek, Marek, Ziemek.