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Piwoteka EAR FROM HERRING – Foreign Extra Stout

Piwoteka EAR FROM HERRING – Foreign Extra Stout


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Another, very interesting beer brewed by the Łódź contract brewery Piwoteka, in the Księży Młyn Brewery, which is also located in Łódź. It is a small contract brewery, operating since 2013. The main brewer supervising the brewing of beers and creating recipes is Marcin Chmielarz. Piwoteka brews in various breweries, most often in Księży Młyn and Jan Olbracht Rzemieślniczy from Piotrków Trybunalski. Beers were also brewed in the Tarczyn, Pivovaria Radom and Trzy korony breweries from Puławy. In addition to the contract brewery, there is also a shop (also online)

Piwoteka with a large assortment of beers from around the world and the well-known Multitap Piwoteka Narodowa, located in Łódź at 6 Sierpnia 1/3 Street. Herring’s Ear is Foreign Extra Stout – A richer and stronger version of Dry Stout, a dark, roasted top-fermented beer, in the Oyster Stout version, sometimes brewed with oysters or oyster shells. In our version with herring. 🙂 Pasteurized beer, unfiltered. Traditionally, in recent times, beers from Piwoteka have similar labels – in the contour of various characters there are stories about the city of Łódź, or famous people associated with this city. Herring’s Ear – Slogan of Quinta and Kramer in the film Vabank. The character of Henryk Kwinta was played by an outstanding citizen of Łódź, Jan Machulski.

Ingredients : water, malts: Pale Ale, chocolate, smoked, oatmeal, fresh herring, smoked herring; hops: Magnum and Fuggles; yeast S-04. Recommended dishes: herring in chocolate, Herring in herring, Roasted spleen, Applied hermelin with herring. The recommended temperature for serving beer is in the range of 12-14°C. The right glass for this beer is a jar 😉 Ear from Herring debuted at the Beerweek festival in Krakow – September 25, 2015.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml



Original Gravity

14 BLG


Foreign Extra Stout, Dark

EAN 5905669428255

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