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Tankbusters Green Reflection – New England IPA

Tankbusters Green Reflection – New England IPA


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We present a new series in our brewery. Green Reflection will be a great opportunity to present you our experience and knowledge in the field of strongly hopped beers. The first green bounce you will see next week is the New England IPA. We have prepared the charge and water in such a way as to emphasize the smoothness and juiciness as much as possible. On the hot side, we used New Zealand Kohatu and Citra Incognito. In the cold we hopped twice. The first dose is Lemondrop in the form of lupulin and Kohat. The second is a large amount of Citra and an additional batch of Kohatu. We are very pleased, but it is you who must give the verdict.

Container Vol.

Can 500ml



Original Gravity

15 BLG


New England IPA


Kohatu, Citra

EAN 5904365781121

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PRODUCENT -  Tankbusters

The reference to the classics of cinema, i.e. to "Ghostbusters", is the most intentional. Just like the heroes of the film, we are also facing something out of this world;) But seriously, we are brewers! Beer is our passion. We know that as a beer lover, you've probably heard it many times. Maybe you treat it as a marketing slogan? Let yourself be convinced and try our beers! Why TankBusters? Because every day we fight with brewing equipment to get the best effect. We put a lot of effort to make each device submit to our will, and since the most important process is fermentation, which takes place in tank-fermenters, hence TankBusters.Co