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Vodka BACZEWSKI ziemniaczana 40% 0.7L

Vodka BACZEWSKI ziemniaczana 40% 0.7L


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

J.A. Baczewski Vodka is pure high quality vodka with an extremely mild taste. It is created in Austria. Crystal clear water from alpine springs and a specially selected potato species are the first key to success. The second is a combination of tradition and modernity – Baczewski is created as a result of 3-fold distillation according to the old recipe.

The company’s more than 200-year history is also connected with classic packaging – a bottle in the shape of a carafe and an old-fashioned label design with the title of supplier of the imperial and royal court, which the company obtained in 1810. Baczewski vodka should be served chilled, which will best emphasize its smooth taste. Devoid of spicy taste, it is also a great base for drinks.

J.A. Baczewski Vodka has gained recognition all over the world, as evidenced by numerous medals won, among others, in Chicago, San Francisco and London.

Colour: crystal clear;
Fragrance: delicate, with a touch of herbal notes;
Taste: smooth, creamy with a minimal touch of potato;
Finish: smooth, sweetish, warming.

The first distillery was established in 1872, about 50 km from Lviv. Its owners were the Jewish family Baczeles, which over time changed their name to Polish – Baczewski. Against the background of contemporary distilleries, Baczewski was ahead of his time. He used Coffey’s rectification column to distill his spirits – only 2 years after its invention.

He was also a master marketer – he poured vodka into elegant decanters, with a carefully made label. The “golden years” of the company fell on the period from the end of the nineteenth century until World War II, when the company collapsed and the owners were executed by the NKVD. The brand was reactivated in 1956 in Austria. Blended whisky under the Baczewski brand was created at the beginning of the twentieth century, and a new version of Austrian production was released in 2011.


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