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Hofstetten GRANITBOCK – Austria

Hofstetten GRANITBOCK – Austria


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Hofstetten’s Granitbier (granite beer) has been a well-known name in the region for years. When we decided in 2008 that we wanted to continue building on the topic “Granite”, the logical next step was of course to strengthen it! Hence our GRANITE BOCKBIER.

The beauty was that in our brewhouse we already had everything we needed since 1929.

The first fermentation takes place in 120-year-old granite vats, combining this beer with its Stone Age roots.

The unique taste of Granitbock comes from granite stones, which are heated on an open fire until red and then thrown into the beer, caramelizing the sugar in the wort. Once cooled, our classically grown yeast is added to the vat.

Although this process is quite laborious, the resulting beer is loaded with aromas of caramel and roasted malt, like no other kid. Then we age the beer for another 6 months in our vaulted lager keller and bottle it without further processing.

We leave it without filtration so that none of the wonderful flavors created during the brewing process are lost. For a beer lover with a cool, dark place in their homes, this beer can easily age for another 3 years.

Container Vol.

Bottle 330ml


Granitbock Eisbock, Barrel Aged, Dark



Original Gravity


Kraj Pochodzenia Piwa


EAN 9007293384030

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PRODUCENT -  Hofstetten

The Hofstetten brewery has been family-owned since 1229, and our passion for beer has been passed down from generation to generation. At Hofstetten, we believe that tradition is not about clinging to the ashes of the past, but about lighting the way for the future. The passion and meticulousness with which we brew distinguishes our beer from the diluted lagers of industrial brewers. Here in Hofstetten we brew over 15 different beers. Our very own Peter Krammer continues to create innovative beers that not only enrich our local range, but also the entire beer landscape.