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Baladin Xyauyu Kioke 2017 0.5L – Barley Wine – Italy

Baladin Xyauyu Kioke 2017 0.5L – Barley Wine – Italy


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Dodaj do ulubionych
Dodaj do ulubionych

Deep ruby color, flat, transparent and no foam. In the nose delicate aromas of cypresses, dates and caramel with very light notes of incense.

In the mouth, woody and fresh tones of cypress combine beautifully with light resinous, spicy and umami notes, ending with a slightly herbal, bitter and sour finish.

At the end of Expo 2015, Teo receives a barrel as a gift, which in the Japanese pavilion represented the tradition of masters of fermentation barrel construction, in particular for the production of soy sauce. Hence the idea of Xyauyù aged in a precious barrel called Kioke. Kioke is without closure, manufactured in Japan on the island of Shodo by Yasuo Yamamoto (Yamaroku Shoyu).

From all this, beer is born, which combines two great craft traditions associated with the world of fermentation. Xyauyù, already fermented and matured for more than 18 months, is aged in the open air in a new Kioke keg (in which the soybeans were not fermented), which gives it delicate resinous and slightly acidic notes, creating a unique aromatic profile. is original.

The production of Kioke barrels disappears in Japan (replaced by stainless steel fermenters) and to keep the tradition alive, Yasuo Yamamoto, the last representative of the soy sauce family of producers, decided to start their production in his laboratory with the “intention of raising awareness among colleagues and coopers. Beer wants to be a vehicle for sharing this theme, fulfilling the fundamental task of an artisanal product: storytelling through emotion and sharing.

Container Vol.

Bottle 500ml


Barley wine, Barrel Aged





Temp. serwowania

12 – 14 degrees

Kraj Pochodzenia Piwa


EAN 8032942297325

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The Baladin brewery farm was founded in 1996 as a brewpub (production and bar) in Piozzo - a small village in the Langhe region of the province of Cuneo - by its founder and master brewer Teo Musso. In the course of its evolution, it has moved several times, following changes in its production needs: from a few square meters stolen from a pub, through a larger space in Teo's parents' henhouse, to the current modern and wide facility at Baladin Open Garden. All the places where the brewery has been hosted have one thing in common: the production area is an open space that welcomes people and tells a story. All Baladin HQs have always been conceived to spread knowledge about craft beer and the philosophy that guides the creation of each product developed by Teo Musso. The brewery can be visited from an elevated walkway that leads through several rooms equipped to explain each step of the production process and convey through drawings and statements the many messages that build the world of Baladin.